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Gypsy Caravans for Sale

The gypsy caravans listed below are currently available for sale. If you are interested in buying, then please contact Gypsy Caravans. To join our mailing list or enquire about a particular caravan please click the Enquiry link.

If there is a particular type of horse drawn caravan or vehicle you require we will do our best to find it for you. Simply email me your requirements.

A blue bowtop caravan


This lovely caravan is ideal for glamping, an office, playhouse, retreat, and many other uses and of course you can, using the shafts take it of travelling with your horse

It has a good size pull-out double bed which during the day pushes in to give more space. A set of shafts connects the caravan to the horse is included. A set of steps which fit to the front are also included.

The top is new so there will be no nasty hidden wood rot problems. Its on a grand set of wooden wheels.You can decorate it to your taste or we can quote you to decorate it for you.

Inside there is plenty of seating area. On the right is a cupboard and just inside the door a corner cupboard. Under the bed spot is a huge cavenous cupboard to store bedding etc. On the left as you look in the front door is a space where we can fit a wood burning stove at extra cost.


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A green bowtop gypsy caravan

This caravan is in lovely condition inside and out and has a brand new top. Inside it has a pull-out double bed across the back at waist height. Under this is a space where children could sleep. This caravan is ideal to let out for an income in the "glamping" boom currently being enjoyed, a retreat or the "open road". There is seating space either side of the caravan and each corner has a cupboard plus other small cupboards. An enamel French oven stove has been fitted.


Outside at the rear is a cratch for storage. A lovely back window looks out complete with sliding shutters. Either side of the front doorway are seats where one can drive the caravan or just sit there sippin' something tasty!

Attatched to the "lock" or front under carriage a set of steps can be fitted. This caravan has a new set of unpainted steps with it.

All in all a good sized wagon ready for the open road, spare room, office hideaway etc etc 





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