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Gypsy Caravans for Sale



Gypsy Caravans for Sale

The gypsy caravans listed below are currently available for sale. If you are interested in buying, then please contact Gypsy Caravans. To join our mailing list or enquire about a particular caravan please click the Enquiry link.

If there is a particular type of horse drawn caravan or vehicle you require we will do our best to find it for you. Simply email me your requirements.

Choose from our current Gypsy Caravans for Sale

A bowtop caravan


This is a great bowtop for glamping, office, garden retreat or what ever else you may want including the open road !!

It has a good size pull-out double bed which folds in for extra space during the day. A Queenie stove is fitted on the left as you look into the wagon. Under the bed is a large cupboard space which can be made into another bed if wanted. On the right with sitting space either side is a double cupboard

Its decor inside is simple white inside leaving you tp personalize and dress it up according to your taste. 

Outside it has a pretty pair of steps upto the door. At the rear is a cratch and pan box where all the old fire blackened pots and pans were stored when on the move. 

The caravan is in good condition and has a new roof. 


 We have to charge but can deliver to most places.  


Gypsy Caravan for Sale
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A bowtop gypsy caravan


It quite unusual in a gypsy caravan to have so much bed space as this one has.This of course makes it ideal for glamping or a family/garden retreat.

You enter the wagon via a pair of steps with anti slip material on the treads. As you look into the wagon on the left just past the doorway is the stove. After this some seating area and then the beds sitting across the rear of the wagon. They slide in and out making more room in the daytime when the beds are not in use. The top bed when out fully is 6ft 3" long by 4ft wide and the bottom bed is 5ft 10" long by 3 ft wide.Under the bottom bed is a large cupboard for clothes/ stuff etc !! Beside the top bed is a pretty bay window ( which opens ) and ledge. Following now to the right of the caravan is more seating space with cupboards underneath.

At the rear of the caravan is the old pan box where all the smokey pots and pans were kept whilst on the move. On the front splinter bar is a metal wheel which operates 2 brake blocks onto the rear wheels. 

This is a beautiful caravan with a new roof and is in good condition and not common with this much room inside.

Of course if you were to attatch a pair of shafts then its off onto the open roads you go, Mr Toad or no !!!!!!




Gypsy Caravan for Sale
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